“Our ceremony was amazing and wedding officiant Rev. Eric Warn did a great job of keeping us focused on each other and his words, even though there was so much going on around us. We both loved his idea of exchanging flowers on our wedding day and our anniversary. During wedding ceremonies commitments are made, kind words are spoken and two people are brought together, but what is sometimes missed is that the ceremony is just the beginning of the journey. Rev. Eric’s ceremony and the marvelous vows he wrote made that journey something for us to look forward to. His wonderful language also gave us the invaluable capability to remind each other of our love without having to find the right words (we loved his suggestion to place a flower on each other’s pillow in times of hardship. This is something that we, as a couple, will hold dear forever and will probably even pass it on to our children. Rev. Eric’s simple suggestion speaks volumes and for it to be offered on the most important day of our lives is a gesture we will never forget.” Alex and Lisa Pelling