About Rev. Warn

Voted one of the top two wedding officiants in Western Washington in the 2010 King 5/Evening Magazine “Best of Western Washington” contest, and selected as one of the top 11 Seattle wedding officiants for 2016 by “Expertise,” Rev. Eric Warn is an non-denominational ordained wedding minister with over 30 years of experience as a wedding officiant, public speaker, event planner and master-of-ceremonies who officiates at religious, non-religious and same-sex weddings in a variety of settings — from intimate back yards, chapels and wineries to large downtown Seattle hotels.

Besides being friendly, easy to work with, and known for his great sense of humor and attention to detail, Rev. Warn creates heartfelt and romantic wedding language to meet each couple’s individual needs. The end result is a ceremony that is short, stress-free and memorable. He gets rave reviews after every ceremony. You will too! All beliefs/traditions honored by this highly respected, seasoned and popular officiant. Among officiants and wedding ministers, Rev. Warn is booked quickly so register early.


$475 to officiate at the wedding and attend the rehearsal; $375 to just officiate the wedding.

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  • Testimonial 1

    “Rev. Eric Warn did an amazing job working with us before the ceremony and then constructing our vows to match our personalities and style. The ceremony was perfect, with a great blend of warmth, support, sincerity and humor. We were so pleased with the whole planning process, rehearsal and final ceremony presentation. Our guests said it felt personal and beautiful. We highly recommend him to any couple.” Christian and Tara Reed

  • Testimonial 2

    “Wedding officiant Rev. Eric Warn proved to be an excellent addition to our wedding day. The ceremony was wonderful, and many guests specifically commented how much they enjoyed what he had to say. Rev. Warn proved to be a solid, relaxing and professional presence both leading up to and during the ceremony. While we were focused on one another, we were both supremely confident that our specifically tailored ceremony would proceed seamlessly with Rev. Warn presiding over the service. With charisma, command and off-the-cuff humor, our ceremony was simply fantastic and had a personal touch that the guests loved. We enthsiasticaly recommend his services. Thank you Rev. Warn. Chris and Amy Henne.

  • Testimonial 3

    “Wedding officiant Rev. Eric Warn helped us transform our dream wedding into a wonderful reality! From the moment we first spoke with Rev. Warn, he put us at ease that our wedding ceremony would be heartfelt, memorable and most importantly be about us and the love we share for one another. I can truly say he delivered on all of his promises. Eric has a special gift for speaking and can really command the attention of your audience so that not only are you and your future spouse enjoying your ceremony but your guests are as well. In fact, our guests raved about our ceremony then, and still remember it now, which I believe is a great testament to our wonderful reverend. We would highly recommend Rev. Warn to any couple.” Chris and Shawna Schafer.

  • Testimonial 4

    “Planning a destination wedding from Florida was not easy, but wedding officiant Rev. Eric Warn worked closely with us via email and telephone to ensure that everything would be perfect on our wedding day. His organizational and attention to detail skills put us at ease during both the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony. His punctuality and professionalism were second to none. He is also a very talented writer and we will always remember the vows he helped us to prepare. We will certainly recommend his services to any future brides and grooms.” Jamil and Rebekah Daoud

  • Testimonial 5

    “Our ceremony was amazing and wedding officiant Rev. Eric Warn did a great job of keeping us focused on each other and his words, even though there was so much going on around us. We both loved his idea of exchanging flowers on our wedding day and our anniversary. During wedding ceremonies commitments are made, kind words are spoken and two people are brought together, but what is sometimes missed is that the ceremony is just the beginning of the journey. Rev. Eric’s ceremony and the marvelous vows he wrote made that journey something for us to look forward to. His wonderful language also gave us the invaluable capability to remind each other of our love without having to find the right words (we loved his suggestion to place a flower on each other’s pillow in times of hardship. This is something that we, as a couple, will hold dear forever and will probably even pass it on to our children. Rev. Eric’s simple suggestion speaks volumes and for it to be offered on the most important day of our lives is a gesture we will never forget.” Alex and Lisa Pelling

  • Testimonial 6

    “Rev. Eric Warn was the perfect wedding officiant for our wedding. He performed the ceremony with exactly the right tone and experience that we were looking for to create a thoughtful, intimate and memorable wedding. He was masterful in the orchestration, timing and logistics of the ceremony while adding humor, flavor and emotion at all the right times. We loved Rev. Warn. Our guests loved Rev. Warn. We highly recommend him.” Jeff and Evie Bozak

  • Testimonial 7

    “Thank you so much Rev. Warn for making our wedding ceremony absolutely beautiful. You received compliments all night long.” Chris and Krysta King

  • Testimonial 8

    “THANK YOU so much for officiating at our ceremony. It was PERFECT and everything we both imagined and more. You were so professional and friendly and we just loved that you married us.” Justin and Jennifer Allar

  • Testimonial 9

    “Rev. Eric Warn was exactly what we were looking for and his abilities as a master-of-ceremonies were exceptional. I can’t thank him enough for the special day he gave us. Many of our guests expressed how much they enjoyed his humor and personality.” Scott and Alicia Peterson

  • Testimonial 10

    “Rev. Warn, thank you for helping to make our ceremony so beautiful and meaningful. Our guests absolutely loved it. You handled everything perfectly and with great professionalism. And despite the fact that my family did not speak any English, you were able to communicate with them and make everything as easy as possible for everyone, which we greatly appreciated. We very much appreciate that you went above and beyond to help me incorporate both the Bulgarian and American traditions in the ceremony, but you also researched and learned Bulgarian words which you used during the ceremony. Michael and I loved working with you – thank you for everything.” Michael and Meggy Cline

  • Testimonial 11

    “The ceremony was AMAZING. Both of our families thought Rev. Warn did an excellent job of officiating. Thank you again.” Jeff and Jenna Roark

  • Testimonial 12

    “Wedding officiant Reverend Eric was a blessing when it came to officiating our wedding. We had planned on writing our own vows, but because when we met with him he had the most fitting and beautiful words already out together, we no longer needed to. He is humorous and easy to get along with. Our guests loved him, and everyone was very impressed by his professionalism and grace. Thank you Eric for being such a vital part of our big day!”
    Jessica and Alvin Tate

  • Testimonial 13

    “When we first met wedding officiant Rev. Warn, I knew he would be the person officiating our wedding. As people who do not go to church on a regular basis, we struggled to decide who could officiate our wedding that would do a wonderful job while still making our ceremony personal and meaningful. He was so warm and welcoming and incredibly organized. He came to our meeting with a contract and vows for us to read to see what our ceremony would be. I almost started crying during that meeting because everything he had written was so wonderful! Rev. Warn is perfect for anyone, because he can cater his ceremonies to any denomination and do it to any religious level you desire. We had a complicated request and he made it seem like it was no big deal and gave us the absolutely perfect wedding ceremony. On our wedding day, he was there early to greet guests and keep things organized and running smoothly. It was like having our own wedding planner for the ceremony because he is so organized and professional. We even had last minute changes from our rehearsed processional and he still made it seem flawless. In terms of the actual ceremony, every attendee of our wedding said he was the best officiant they had witnessed. People said his inserts of humor were tasteful and well timed while not taking away from they heartfelt tone. Since he writes his own ceremonies, it was very unique and incredibly meaningful.

    Thank you so much for helping to make our day perfect! xoxo” Johnathan and Madelyn DeLong

  • Testimonial 14

    “From the very first meeting, my husband and I had an immediate connection with Rev. Eric. He has a very comfortable yet professional demeanor with a great sense humor. Throughout the whole process, Eric was very helpful and responsive to all of our questions. The day of he continued to impress us by doing a beautiful job officiating and making all of our guests feel comfortable ~ he set a tone that included laughs and tears which was the perfect ceremony for us.” John and Mary Johanson

  • Testimonial 15

    “Both Scott and I can’t thank Eric enough for the level of assistance that he provided at our wedding and reception. His level of professionalism and compassion was exactly what we were looking for, and we can’t thank him for taking such focus and care on the involvement of our family and beliefs (religious attributes). We received many compliments from our family and friends afterward about how beautiful and heart felt the ceremony was and how it was full of love; especially the symbolism of the roses and the sand. Thank you Eric for all of the time an effort you put in to making our wedding day much more memorable and that much more special!!!” Scott and Amy O’Keefe

  • Testimonial 16

    “Rev. Warn was everything we could have hoped for in a wedding officiant. He made our day just fabulous with his expertise, kindness, professionalism, humor, understanding and respect for our choices. Plus, he had wonderful ideas to help us with our vows and ceremony. I highly recommend him to be your officiant.” Bob and Carol Allen

  • Testimonial 17

    “Reverend Warn’s officiating was one of the highlights that made our wedding super successful and special. His delivery style had the perfect blend of candor, familiarity and liveliness that made the ceremony both solemn and fun for us, our wedding party and our guests. He was also great for a couple like us who were looking for the right balance between traditional Christian and modern, non-denominational ceremonies often seen in the Seattle area. We also wanted someone with tons of experience and the credentials that accompany that vs. some person who got their license online just a couple years ago. More than a few friends approached us later in the evening, and the first thing they pointed out as a highlight of the day was Reverend Warn’s officiating. We highly recommend him!” Alonso and Andrea Velasquez

  • Testimonial 18

    “Wedding officiant Rev. Eric was a thoughtful, well-organized, and experienced officiant who helped make our wedding memorable for our friends and family. We highly recommend him!: Nick and Alex

  • Testimonial 19

    “Wedding officiant Rev. Eric Warn made my wedding feel so special. He added humor and romance to the ceremony it self and he really fit in with what we wanted. A few weeks after our wedding my grandmother passed away and we knew the only person we wants to do her funeral ceremony was him. He is great and works with all occasions. I recommend him to everyone I can! Thank you for being a part of our wedding and saying goodbye to our loved one.” Ryan and Kristen Meier.

  • Testimonial 20

    “Eric Warn was the perfect officiant for our wedding. He was well-organized, thoughtful, professional, and had a great sense of humor. Eric spent time with us before hand to get to know us and to tailor our ceremony to fit our needs and expectations. He was masterful at keeping us focused on each other and the meaning of the day amidst all the chaos of wedding planning and activities. Many people afterward, said they thought it was the best ceremony they had ever attended. We would highly recommend him!” Keldy and Alison Hendricks

  • Testimonial 21

    “If you are about to get married, choosing Rev. Eric Warn as your officiant is a smart decision. He was absolutely fabulous. I have attended many weddings and even officiated one myself, and this guy is the best. A little bit pricier than some others, but his quick responses, personable nature and flexibility of ceremony is worth every penny. I had attempted to contact a few others and wasnt even getting a response within a few days(South Sound Weddings took 12 days to respond…). Eric emailed me back the same day. Perfect wedding ceremomy, wonderful man, and lovely wife who helped coordinate the ceremony. Would pay double what I paid happily after knowing how great Eric Warn was going to be. Thanks Eric” – The DeLoachs

  • Testimonial 22

    “Rev. Warn was the best! This was a multi-cultural wedding and his thoughtful service made all in attendance feel welcome and comfortable. His addition of humor during the ceremony helped calm the nerves of both bride and groom. If you are handling your own wedding without a wedding coordinator, Rev Warn provides invaluable assistance with the ceremony from rehearsal all the way through filing of the certificate.” Daniel and Monita Martin

  • Testimonial 23

    “We had a lot of guests and a DJ providing audio for the ceremony. Rev Warn preferred to use his own mic despite our efforts to convince him otherwise. All guests were able to hear Rev Warns mic so this was a non issue. We were very happy with all other aspects and definitely recommend Rev Warn for your event. Professional, funny, confident, and a good speaker. He made the rehearsal fun and painless. Nice man.” Private User

  • Testimonial 24

    “Wedding officiant Rev. Eric Warn provided us with a very classy but fun ceremony. He was very flexible in allowing us to make the ceremony feel as religious as we wanted. I had numerous guests comment on his excellent comments during the ceremony and how “meaningful” they were. Thank you Rev Warn! You made a special day even better.” Matt and Jessica Betlach

  • Testimonial 25

    “Rev. Warn was very pleasant to work with. He not only performed a wonderful ceremony with beautiful wedding language, but also went beyond to greet guests and coordinate the reception. Our guests were impressed by Rev. Warn. We highly recommend him!” Peng Huang and Rui Zhang

  • Testimonial 26

    “My wife and I really appreciated wedding officiant Rev. Warn’s message in the ceremony. He was also very thorough in making sure that all of the details were handled and logistics were clear. Made for a very stress free and meaningful day!” Richard and Logan Smith